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Echoes on a Cornish River by Kate Ryder Summary

Ellinor was a devotee of the unknown, her life an unending pursuit of new horizons and experiences. She traversed the globe, hopping from one captivating place to the next, in perpetual motion. Then, the grim hand of tragedy reached out and twisted her reality, leaving her world upended and her spirit bruised. The yearning for an escape led her to accept an invitation that promised solace—a retreat to her relatives’ secluded farmhouse nestled in the heart of Cornwall.

Settling into the rustic expanse on the fringes of Calstock, Ellinor’s heart quickened with anticipation as the sprawling landscape and its tales of yore beckoned her once more. The land’s ancient whispers stirred her curiosity, igniting a longing for exploration that surged through her veins. And in this realm poised between history and the present, she unexpectedly stumbled upon an encounter that would forever alter the course of her journey.

A man, mysterious and striking, emerged before Ellinor, freezing her in her tracks with a mere glance. From the instant their eyes met, an inexplicable connection surged, an invisible thread binding their souls inextricably. As if they had been eternally intertwined in the tapestry of existence, their connection transcended time and space. But a shroud of doubt loomed—could the enigmatic William truly be who he claimed to be?

Amidst the whispers of winds and the rustling of leaves, Ellinor’s heart sang an ancient song of recognition. The puzzle pieces of their lives seemed to slot together seamlessly, yet the enigma surrounding William’s identity cast a shadow over their burgeoning connection. In a world where others remained oblivious to his presence, Ellinor’s encounter with William posed questions that demanded answers.

Was their love a story foretold in the constellations? Or did veiled histories hold the power to reshape the very future that Ellinor dared to envision? The uncharted territory of their shared affections brimmed with uncertainty, poised between the possibility of a celestial union and the looming specter of untold secrets.

The narrative weaves a spellbinding tale of destiny and choice, echoing the timeless question of whether love’s course is etched among the stars or forged by the forging of hearts. It encapsulates the inherent human longing to connect, to unravel the mysteries of life, and to rewrite our own narratives in the face of uncertainty.

Ellinor’s odyssey speaks of the eternal human yearning for meaning, the pursuit of the extraordinary, and the fragility of hope when veiled truths cast their shadow. Her journey mirrors the intricacies of life—a tapestry woven from chance encounters, unforeseen bonds, and the tenacity to uncover what lies beneath the surface. In the symphony of these emotions and revelations, the narrative resounds with the symphony of the human spirit, seeking connection amidst the boundless expanse of existence.

Details About Echoes on a Cornish River by Kate Ryder PDF

  • Novel Title: Echoes on a Cornish River
  • Author: Kate Ryder
  • Genre:  Time Travel Romance
  • Publish Date: 8 August 2023
  • Size: 2 MB
  • Format: PDF
  • Status: Avail for Download
  • Price: Free

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