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Close to Midnight by Carin Hart Summary

From the moment I walked away from my old life and started a new one in the small town of Shadowvale, I learned there were three rules I should follow if I wanted to survive —

One: don’t go outside at night alone.

Two: don’t ask questions about the obviously haunted house at the far side of town.

And three: don’t catch Hunter Reed’s attention.

Me? I broke all three almost immediately.

The Reeds own Shadowvale. They live in the haunted house, and everyone seems afraid of them. Everyone that is, except me.

Something about Hunter has me drawn like a moth to a flame. I know I could burn if I get too close, but that doesn’t stop me… and when he invites me to his house for Halloween, I would’ve gone even if he didn’t offer two grand for a night with me.

I guess I should’ve known that nothing is free—and the only way I can escape him is if I found my way out of his family graveyard by midnight.

But… what if I don’t want to?


It was her big doe eyes that caught my attention, and the haunted smile that triggered my predatory side.

Sally… my sweet Sally.

I’ve watched her from the shadows, keeping her safe from a distance. I’m too dark, too twisted to corrupt her… but, as it turns out, my twin isn’t.

Our birthday is Halloween. Tonight, I expected to hunt—to kill—but when Nicholas sets Sally in my path, midnight starts to the beginning of my chase.

If I catch her, I can do anything I want. She agreed to it, and as the hours pass, it becomes clear to me that she isn’t trying all that hard to get away.

Which is for the best since I have no intention of ever letting my little doe escape me now…

*Close to Midnight is a standalone dark romance novella that is set on Halloween, can be read all year round! It tells the story of one half of the murderous Reed twins, and the one woman he’ll do anything for… You may also like Curveball by EJ Blaise ePub Download

What is the Genre of Close to Midnight by Carin Hart?

This is primarily classified as a Kidnapping Crime Fiction book.

Can I read Close to Midnight by Carin Hart as a standalone Book?

Yes, it is a great book that you can read as a standalone novel.

Details About Close to Midnight by Carin Hart PDF

  • Novel Title: Close to Midnight
  • Author: Carin Hart
  • Genre: Kidnapping Crime Fiction
  • Publish Date: November 7, 2023
  • Size: 2 MB
  • Format: PDF
  • Status: Avail for Download
  • Price: Free

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