Pains and Gains of Academic Writing – Short Book Review

When it comes to academic writing, many students come across huge difficulties both linked to misunderstanding on how to write, delayed deadlines, and simply procrastination. As you may guess, all these cater to poor grades and undermined confidence. Yet, no need to write it off as lost, because there are various floating rings that may assist a student. Pains and Gains of Academic Writing prepared by the team is detailed guidance with writing essentials. It involves a myriad of tips, real-life examples, and practice options to prepare you to cope with every paper. You won’t come across any watery information, or hard-to-process technical jargon.

This book is the face of the success of thousands of students who before could not even recruit their willpower to write a thesis. Consider reading it today, so tomorrow you can manage any writing.

Why Are Pains and Gains of Academic Writing Worth Your Reading?

As was hinted above, this book is written by professionals who know the inside out of academic writing. It deals with 13 stories of real students’ experiences and hurdles, and ways of solving them.

The books may seem like your online guide which directs you from one chapter to another as if it understands what you struggle the most with. You can come across such chapters where writers discuss the reasons for hatred and love between an essay and students, tips on case studies, and on writing a paper within 2 hours, and insights on plagiarism which can be sometimes very tricky.

The main focus which makes this book stand out from its counterparts is truly the structure. You won’t see an endless flow of thoughts that you can find complicated. Each chapter involves its subheadings with sequenced tricks. At the end of each chapter, to help you apply gained knowledge, there is a simple practical exercise. It means that you do not need just to read and put the book on your shelf, but master the exercise until you apply knowledge without third-party hints.

For instance, one of the engaging and perception-changing chapters is Summary and Review.

You are most likely to mistake them for each other like hardly every student. You will learn that summary is not obligatorily your personal opinion, while review stands for unbiased criticism which comes with proven data, and evidence. Beyond that, the authors share with you their knowledge on how to read 100 pages in an hour which is great when you are tied to deadlines.

Finally, it is worth briefly covering their chapter with charts, slides, and graphs – the “additives” commonly overused or misused by most students. You can also agree when you lack more evidence, or facts to deliver your considerations on the topic, you reinvent the wheel. Sometimes, charts and other media adds-on can serve you a dirty trick. The authors of Pains and Gains of Academic Writing just explain how to distinguish good, and beautiful adds-on from the ones which bear no informational value. Everything is presented with examples and pictures, and tips on decorating them. As a result, your paper won’t look as if you just strive to reach a word count or impress your reader but a researched writing where everyone can learn something new. Read more here.

Final Thoughts

Pains and Gains of Academic Writing, without any boasting, is a book that should be paid attention to. It is true that there are lots of online guidelines, but the material presented by the experts in the writing field is something non-trite. The authors are people who for 15 years straight gathered main students’ pains and gains, and dealt with their orders. The authors experienced the same hurdles and discovered ways of solving them. This book will help you find the bright side of writing, and occasionally change your hatred to love when it comes to case studies, research and report papers, admission essays, credible sources, charts, as well as creative writing. It can be your table-book which you can refer to when your professor challenges you with difficult topics and academic requirements. Last but not least, this book will hint you at how to proceed with quick reading.

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